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We are crowdsourcing “prior art” to fight against a patent infringement lawsuit.

Cadex,  Nissan, Ford, and others have been sued in the Eastern District of Texas for making, using, or selling battery service systems that function to continually adjust the charge level applied to a battery.

Plaintiff Somaltus LLC, a patent holding company, claims that such battery service systems infringe U.S. Patent No. 8,131,487.  Somaltus LLC recently was formed, apparently for the sole purpose of enforcing patents against unsuspecting operating companies.

Cadex has been manufacturing battery analyzers with life-optimizing features since 1981, decades before the application for the above-mentioned patent was filed.  Cadex strongly believes that this patent is invalid, but Cadex needs your help collecting evidence of earlier inventions, which is called “prior art.”

Please pledge your support by sending to any printed publications, presentations, patents, or specifications of battery service systems that existed prior to 2002.

Thank you,

Isidor Buchmann
CEO and founder, Author of Battery University
Cadex Electronics Inc.

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