BU-1504 Battery Test & Analyzing Devices

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Battery Test & Analyzing Devices
This presentation feature the programmable Cadex 7000 Series battery analyzers that tests and calibrates a battery with a full discharge/charge cycle; the Cadex C8000 battery test system for lab use, chargers that can be fed by a solar panel, and the Cadex C5100 to service mobile phone batteries at storefront. The presentation also includes the Spectro Series to test lead acid batteries on the fly.

36 slides PowerPoint

  1. Cover
  2. About Cadex
  3. Cadex C7000 Series Battery Analyzer
  4. SnapLock™ Battery Adapter System
  5. Universal Battery Adapter
  6. Programmability
  7. Custom Programs
  8. PC-BatteryShop™
  9. Cadex C8000 Battery Test System
  10. Digital Advantage
  11. Separate Battery and I/O Ports
  12. Building a laboratory system
  13. Load Capture
  14. Setup of Load Capture Unit (LCU)
  15. Dual Power Port Cable (DPPC)
  16. External load bank
  17. Lifecycle test & Load test
  18. Monitoring individual cells
  19. Battery interface made easy
  20. Battery Chargers
  21. UCC Series Charger
  22. UCC Solar Charger
  23. Safety and redundancy
  24. Inactive batteries & Calibration Discharge
  25. Butterfly Charger Module
  26. Butterfly Charger Module cont.
  27. Cadex C5100 Battery Analyzer
  28. Automated Programs simplify service
  29. QuickSort™
  30. Testing larger Batteries
  31. Spectro CA-12
  32. Capacity and CCA of aging starter batteries
  33. Test conditions
  34. Applications
  35. Summary
  36. Take home

Download Battery Test & Analyzing Devices 19.2mb

Last updated 2014-10-07

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Comments (3)

On February 8, 2015 at 8:30pm
Mike Woodside wrote:

I am interested in batteries containing 100 ampere hours or more.  I did line the presentation on the battery management systems and their features.  The Spectro CA-12 information has caused me to look further into testers found in the automotive sector.

On March 19, 2015 at 6:31pm
Peter Baillie wrote:

Do you know where you can buy a Battery Management System (BMS) for a 36v electric bike battery. I have a Smartmotion Electric bike which is manufactured in China and imported into New Zealand. The 36v / 12ah battery is Poly Li-ion. I don’t see where Cadex Electrictronics deal with the bigger battery analyzer device. I am interested to learn battery for diagnostics; to read recharge cycles, kms distances etc ridden on the bike and general health state.

On November 7, 2018 at 11:24pm
jagath wettasinghe wrote:


i need to buy Battery Test & Analyzer that you have for my HV battery workshop so for that pls send full details