BU-1505 Short History of Cadex

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Short History of Cadex
Isidor Buchmann started the company that turned into Cadex Electronics in the back room of his house that he built. One slide shows his young children jumping from the balcony above his workshop in the early 1980s. The challenge of starting a company singlehandedly led to rapid growth in the 1990s and beyond.

14 slides PowerPoint

  1. Cover
  2. The duty of a Company
  3. Humble beginnings
  4. Rapid growth in the 1990s
  5. Cadex today
  6. Cadex devices are used in...
  7. Certifications
  8. Patents
  9. Cadex manufacturing
  10. Accomplishments
  11. Capabilities
  12. Quality system
  13. Buchmann Family Trust
  14. Take home

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Last updated 2014-10-07

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