BU-704b: CAUTION & Overpack Labels

Shipping of Lithium-based Batteries by Air; non-Class 9

The shipping labels on this page satisfy Section 11, a consignment that is exempt from the Class 9 hazardous material designation but nevertheless requires marking the boxes according to IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. All shipments of lithium-based battery products are classified “Dangerous Goods” that must follow these rules:

General Transport Requirements

Safeguard: Batteries must be protected against short circuit. (Place in individual plastic bags)
Approval: A battery pack must be approved even if the cells in the pack are approved. This also applies to modified battery packs.
Labels: Each package must include the CAUTION and Lithium Battery Handling Label with the words "Lithium ion batteries in compliance with Section 11 of PI 965 (or applicable PI number). Add a contact phone number. (Print Label)
Overpack: Under the new rule effective April 2016, the overpack cannot contain more than one (1) package in accordance with Section II of PI 965. The overpack can, however, contain other non-dangerous goods or compatible dangerous good items. Add an Overpack label on the shipping box along with the other required labels. (See sample images below)
Damage: Batteries identified as defective and in danger of failing in transport are forbidden.
Old batteries: Lithium battery products for disposal are forbidden from air transport unless approved by the appropriate authorities.
Packing: Each shipping package must withstand a 1.2 meter drop in any orientation without damaging the batteries, causing them to shift or releasing the contents.
Limitation: With PI 966 & 967, the maximum number of batteries in each package must be limited to those required to operate the equipment. Extras must be sent separately.
Activation: Accidental equipment activation during transport must be prevented.
Exceptions: Devices such as watches and temperature loggers that do not pose a danger in transport may be left in the ON position.


Battery University recommends checking these websites for more detail:


Training: http://www.iata.org/training/courses/Pages/shipping-lithium-batteries-tcgp52.aspx


Label dimension: 120mm x 115mm (4.72”x4.53”)

Label dimension: 101mm x 74mm (4.0” x 2.94”)
Other Overpack labels may have different dimensions


Lithium Battery Handling Label


Last updated 2017-01-10

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